• Scott Brooks
    Team, Washington Wizards

    Despite a 1-5 start and a league-worst defense, Scott Brooks still has the support of the Wizards organization.

    The dreaded vote of confidence? The likely excuse here is that the team has yet to play with their big free agent acquisition, Dwight Howard. As for the players who are there, it's been a mess. There's already been public complaints about the way some players look for their own stuff (from the players who might need to hear that most of all, ironically) and a few completely listless showings. Not to mention multiple fourth quarter meltdowns in winnable games. Our big gripe with Brooks is that he doesn't involve Otto Porter enough, but we're sure that will come to include "too much Jeff Green" in time. The Wizards might believe in Brooks for now but this team has too much talent to be scraping into the playoffs and getting crushed in round one. We'll see how they feel in a couple months.

    Source: Yahoo Sports

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