• Bryan Colangelo
    Team, Philadelphia Sixers

    The Sixers’ internal investigation into Bryan Colangelo and the burner accounts should wrap up by mid-week, NBC Sports Philadelphia has learned.

    The investigation is being led by the law firm of Paul/Weiss, the same firm that handled the Patriots' Deflategate saga and the investigatation of former National Basketball Players Association executive director Billy Hunter in 2013. Colargate has been one of the wildest stories we’ve seen in decades and it appears that it’s is finally nearing a conclusion as the draft and free agency approach. This is arguably one of the Sixers’ most important offseason ever as they have the salary cap to add a superstar through free agency or via trade and it will be interesting to see whether this tangled web of ridiculousness will have any repercussions to their plans.

    Source: NBC Sports Philadelphia