• Dillon Brooks
    G/F, Memphis Grizzlies

    David Aldridge of NBA.com is reporting that Friday's debacle included Suns and Grizzlies owners Robert Sarver and Robert Pera speaking directly and discussing Dillon Brooks, with trade talks potentially firing back up soon.

    Well now that everyone's on the same page we can see where this goes. This is undoubtedly going to be one of the strangest stories of the season but talks may not be dead just yet. Previous reports had the Suns unclear about which Brooks they were acquiring, while this report makes it look like the Grizzlies may have changed their tune late into the dance. Of course, the Wizards are also at fault for not being clear with either team — assuming you believe the reports that Washington was the go-between for Phoenix and Memphis. The NBA drama cycle continues.

    Source: David Aldridge on Twitter

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