• According to John Gambadoro of 98.7 FM, the Suns will shut Eric Bledsoe down for the rest of the season.

    It wasn’t exactly a surprise, and Bledsoe’s injury-prone past makes this an even easier call. The Suns announced that Tyler Ulis was starting tonight before they announced that Bledsoe was resting, and it lines up with the removal of Brandon Knight and Tyson Chandler from the rotation. Ulis is a must-add right now if he’s available. He double-doubled tonight, and while that’s probably not going to be the norm, if you can find a starting point guard with upside on the wire at this time of year you’ve got to make the move. You can hold Bledsoe til we hear official word if you want, but you should’ve made some contingency plans already. At this point we recommend just ripping the band-aid off.

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