• Anthony Davis
    F/C, New Orleans Pelicans

    According to Sam Amick of The Athletic, Anthony Davis will not be swayed by the extra $87.3 million that the Pelicans can offer Davis this summer.

    The Pelicans are the only team that can offer a five-year deal worth 35 percent of the cap that has eight percent annual raises. Other teams are capped at four years, 30 percent of the cap and five percent raises. However, this does not appear to be enough of a factor for Davis. He wants to win. It does not appear that Davis will get traded during the season, but the Lakers are primed to make a move. The Celtics are not allowed to trade for Davis until after July 1, due to the CBA rules about having more than one player eligible for the supermax extension. If the Lakers want to make their move, during this season would be optimal, but it appears unlikely at this time.

    Source: Sam Amick on The Athletic

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