• Gorgui Dieng
    C, Minnesota Timberwolves

    The Wolves have talked to "at least three teams" about moving down from No. 20 in Thursday's draft either to accumulate future picks or to unload a contract, according to Jon Krawcczynski of The Athletic.

    Among obvious choices to be sent off the roster are Gorgui Dieng and Cole Aldrich. Dieng, while still effective, is a little more traditional of a big man than most teams would prefer and still has three years and $48 million owed to him. He's also become a bit redundant in Minnesota, especially under a coach who plays reserves sparingly. Aldrich would be a much easier sell at just $2 million. We'll see if the 20th pick can entice someone into taking Dieng off Minnesota's hands. It's also possible that the team is just doing due diligence and will make the selection themselves.

    Source: The Athletic

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