• Zhaire Smith
    G, Philadelphia Sixers

    According to a report from The Ringer, Zhaire Smith has lost upwards of 20 pounds as a result of an allergic reaction to sesame and may not be able to play this season.

    Yes, Zhaire Smith's previously-undiagnosed sesame allergy may end up costing him his entire season. The Sixers announced that Smith underwent a thoracoscopy back at the end of September to address an issue that resulted from an allergic reaction. Apparently the team knew about his peanut allergy, but neither they nor Smith knew about his sesame allergy. Such weight loss would be significant for a guy who was only checking in at 199 pounds, and he was already scheduled to sit out until the end of 2018 as a result of his offseason foot surgery. Smith has no re-draft value and yet another weird medical situation in Philadelphia might cloud his dynasty stock a bit, as well.

    Source: The Ringer

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