• Richaun Holmes
    F/C, Phoenix Suns

    Richaun Holmes was sidelined with an ankle sprain on Tuesday but was able to gleam in limited minutes this year.

    A Hoop Ball favorite, Holmes somehow managed to produce top-130-150 value (9/8 cat) on the season in only 16.9 minutes per game. He gave Deandre Ayton a run for his money during his strong stretch of play from November-January and on a per-36 basis he produces at a top-40 level. We've seen the monster lines and his production when given minutes so there's no doubt the talent is there. He plays with an extremely high motor and he does everything you want from a modern big in the NBA. Some lucky team is going to sign him this offseason and we're hoping it's one that can give him a larger role than the one he had this year.

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