• Richaun Holmes scored 12 points with nine boards, a steal and two blocks on Monday while Amir Johnson tallied a 16-5-4-1 line and Trevor Booker went for 16-9-0-1-1.

    Joel Embiid sat this game out with a back injury and for now it’s nothing serious. This paved the way for the three-headed monster of forwards for Philly to each play a minimum of 24 minutes a piece. They all put up serviceable lines and they’re all capable players, but when Embiid returns we’ll have a much clearer look at how the rotation will play out. Booker is a great addition for the Sixers in reality, but from a fantasy perspective it causes a lot of confusion. It’s a good sign that Holmes has been playing well and doing so consistently, but it’s still an uphill battle for him to regain standard league value.

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