• The Mavs may bring Nerlens Noel off the bench this season behind Dirk Nowitzki, at least to start the year.

    Coach Rick Carlisle said that Noel has been informed of the possibility and that he’s good with it, though that seems hard to believe. While using Dirk at the five could produce some fun lineups for a guard-heavy roster, this could also be some gamesmanship from the Mavs’ higher ups. Noel and the team had some contentious negotiations on a long-term deal this summer which ended in Noel taking the qualifying offer in order to hit unrestricted free agency next offseason. Keeping him as a reserve would theoretically help keep the price lower, but there’s little doubt that Noel is part of Dallas’ best on-paper groups. His defensive prowess should give him middle round value regardless of role, but this severeley caps his upside.

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