• Ricky Rubio
    PG, Utah Jazz

    After an atrocious 5-for-18 shooting night in Game 1, Ricky Rubio wants to do a better job involving his teammates more while also understanding when to shoot and when to pass the ball.

    Rubio is shooting a career-high 35 percent from the 3-point line finishing better than he ever has with his jumper but the Thunder’s game plan is aimed at him taking plenty of shots and that worked out great for the home team in Game 1. “I’ve been feeling more comfortable lately with my shot, but I know being aggressive is one thing, and taking a lot of shots is another,” Rubio said. The Jazz hope to have Donovan Mitchell in Game 2 and all signs point out to him playing tonight but if he’s forced to sit Utah might be in trouble as not many of their players can manufacture offense.

    Source: The Salt Lake Tribune

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