• The Rockets are moving toward a formal offer to Mike D’Antoni to be their head coach according to The Vertical.

    It all makes sense.  Daryl Morey is running out of chances and that limits the coaching market to guys that are willing to work for a wounded GM, and that’s before we talk about the complexities of coaching James Harden and maybe Dwight Howard. 

    Still, D’Antoni is a great fit for Morey’s system and though we don’t agree with any system in which defense isn’t coached it is a lateral move for fantasy purposes — or maybe even an upgrade.  The interesting caveat to all of this is that according to the report, the Rockets are ‘working to shape a strong staff around him’ and a coach usually gets to pick his guys.  This sounds like they want to have a solid assistant coach they can turn to if it all goes to hell in a year. 

    Also, our friends at Rockets Insider bring up a great point that the decision-making has shifted from Morey to Les Alexander.  All of this makes retaining a higher-demand coach very difficult. 

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