• The Rockets plan on staggering the minutes of James Harden and Chris Paul in order to keep one on the floor at all times, according to Jonathan Feigen of The Houston Chronicle.

    “One of those two has got to come out. One thing we leave a couple minutes for James (before he gets tired,” said D’Antoni. “I’ve always believed once he get over the hill with tiredness, it’s hard to go to the bench for three or four minutes and get it back. It’s better to go to the bench before you really get tired. That’ll help James. I think the last two minutes toward the end of the quarter, it seemed like he was dragging a little bit.” It sounds like the plan is to remove Harden a few minutes before the end of the first quarter to give Paul ample point guard duties and vice versa for Harden when he checks back in for Paul. While the All-Star backcourt will see plenty of time on the floor together, the commitment to stagger their minutes bodes well for their assist value.

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