• Ben Simmons
    G/F, Philadelphia Sixers

    The NYT's Marc Stein reported that some in the Sixers' organization expect Simmons to go "all righty this season."

    This isn't a surprise as Simmons' left-hand shooting was questioned as far back as 2016, when he was drafted. Despite shooting jumpers with his left hand, Simmons seems to be a natural righty, because although he often jumps off his right foot near the rim, he also tends to finish with his right hand (75 percent per SBNation). He finishes at the rim (with his right) at a very efficient 74.4 percent clip while his left-handed jumpers are much less efficient: 41.7 percent from 3-10 feet, 31.6 percent from 10-16 feet and a glaring zero percent on threes. If Simmons manages to correct his shooting (whether as a righty or lefty), he'll rank significantly better than his top-50 finish from last season. The sky's the limit for this incredibly gifted young player.

    Source: The New York Times