• Dennis Schroder
    G, Atlanta Hawks

    There are rumblings that the Bucks would like to obtain a top-notch point guard and have been exploring trade possibilities for incumbent starting point guard Eric Bledsoe, while one point guard who could pique their interest is the Hawks’ Dennis Schroder.

    The Bucks have been Schroder fans ever since the 2013 NBA draft. That was the draft in which the Bucks, with the 15th pick, chose Giannis Antetokounmpo. If the Bucks hadn’t drafted the Greek Freak, they would have taken Schroder, who was taken two spots later by the Hawks. Schroder, in a recent interview, said he wouldn’t be opposed to being dealt, while he specifically mentioned two potential landing spots, the Pacers and the Bucks, which recently hire Mike Budenholzer, Schroder’s former coach in Atlanta. the Bucks have already looked into acquiring Schroder via a trade, with a deal involving Jabari Parker and Schroder as the principal figures and we should see if this rumor is able to materialize by tomorrow’s draft night.

    Source: Gery Woelfel

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