• Jimmy Butler
    G, Minnesota Timberwolves

    Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun Times is hearing that Jimmy Butler and Kyrie Irving are "still trying to figure out a way to play together."

    It's a rumor that's floated around for a year or so now, and with Irving's unwillingness to sign an extension this summer coupled with Butler's frustration with some of Minnesota's players it's easy to see why the sentiment persists. The two could pair up in Boston or find a new home as free agents a summer from now. Jimmy Buckets is said to be "all but fed up" with young teammates — Karl-Anthony Towns was specifically named. As such, Cowley also says Butler has no intentions of signing an extension with Minnesota and feels that other teams are already recruiting him harder than his current one. It sounds like Towns' competitiveness might be a deciding factor here, so it's shaping up as a massive season for the Wolves in terms of their franchise direction. As with all reports like this, consider who benefits from its release and bring a healthy dose of skepticism.

    Source: Chicago Sun Times

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