• Chris Paul
    G, Houston Rockets

    Chris Broussard said on Undisputed that there's some tension between the Rockets and Chris Paul as the team has grown hesitant to offer him a max contract.

    As expected, Broussard says there was an unofficial agreement for CP3 to get a max deal this summer. The Rockets, if they keep to their word, would be paying Paul $205 million through age 38 while Clint Capela and Trevor Ariza could be poached in free agency this summer. Given his age and injuries, it's understandable that the Rockets might not want to deliver a full five years and Broussard suggested that the team could blame the ownership change on the new terms of the deal. Houston does risk alienating Paul and watching him skip town in free agency for a higher bidder, but one would think they'd try and keep the band together given their success this season. It's something to keep an eye on this summer.

    Source: Undisputed on Twitter

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