• Scott Skiles resigned as coach of the Magic in surprising fashion according to a release from the team on Thursday.

    After just one year on the job Skiles is resigning, but it certainly smells like he was pushed out and that brings up a few different questions as to why.  Could it be some of the solid coaching crop that’s available and the team doesn’t want to miss out?  Or does a certain free agent make a different coach a better fit?  The report that’s coming out of the Orlando Sentinel is that he and GM Rob Hennigan did not see eye to eye on Elfrid Payton, who Skiles would not give the keys to this season.

    What you see is what you get from Skiles and it wasn’t as if he had a terrible season coaching, and he’s not one to give up unless there is something seriously amiss.  From a fantasy perspective this will help keep the rotations tighter and more predictable.  Look no further than Aaron Gordon’s bust of a season for how that works. 

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