• Serge Ibaka
    F/C, Toronto Raptors

    Serge Ibaka (rest) didn’t appear in Tuesday’s regular-season finale but put together a nice bounce-back campaign.

    Ibaka made the move to full-time center and it did wonders for his game in both fantasy and reality. He wasn’t exposed on the perimeter and could focus more on protecting the rim defensively, and on the other end of the floor he was able to get to his money spots in the mid-range rather than jack up triples. Ibaka took only 2.3 triples per game this year, which is the fewest he’s taken since 2013-14 – the last year where Ibaka didn’t have threes as a regular part of the arsenal. Though he hit them at just 29 percent, his changing shot spectrum resulted in a .529 mark from the field, which not-so-coincidentally was his highest since 2013-14. Ibaka finished the year with top-75/60 per-game value in 8/9-cat formats, gaining about a round and a half on last year’s finish. The big man and his creaky knees managed to stay healthy to boot, as Ibaka played in 74 games (four absences for right knee soreness/swelling, three for suspension, one for rest) and delivered top-60 total value.

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