• Serge Ibaka
    F, Toronto Raptors

    Dwayne Casey is flirting with the idea of using Serge Ibaka on LeBron James Thursday night in Game 2.

    Ibaka does have the size advantage over James and could help wear him down but his defense is not what it used to be. Additionally, rookie wing OG Anunoby was fairly effective guarding LeBron in Game 1. There is no locking down LeBron – although he did go 12-30 from the field last game and settled for jumpers too often – but the Raptors have multiple players to throw at him. Don't expect Ibaka to be the primary defender, but Ibaka may switch onto LeBron more often to help drain his energy with the size advantage. LeBron's only kryptonite right now seems to be how much gas is left in the tank.

    Source: Eric Koreen on Twitter