• Serge Ibaka’s agent said that “there was an expectation of a larger role” last season with the Thunder, and that “it was over-promised and under-delivered.”

    “Everyone should be held to the same level of accountability,” he said.  Be careful as we’re seeing reports out there that this was in reference to his upcoming role in Orlando and that’s simply not the case, nor does it shoot him up into the upper echelons of the draft.  Yes, there is a chance that he’s more motivated and has a bounce-back year of some type, especially since it does seem like he was trending toward black sheep status in OKC and it’s possible he packed it in a bit.  But that’s a rosy line of thought and it doesn’t explain the dropoffs at all.  So to the degree he’s going to get more offensive touches and see big minutes, he’s still a productive asset, but his value has always come in his defense and his efficiency — not his inefficient scoring.

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