• Shabazz Napier
    PG, Portland Trail Blazers

    After an 0-for-10 shooting night Saturday against the Suns, Shabazz Napier has kept working on his shot as he is trying to recover from a brutal shooting slump.

    He now is in the worst shooting slump of his four-year NBA career, having gone 7-for-36 in his last four games. In the meantime, he is shooting 43.3 percent from the field and 38.1 percent from three-point range for the season. Interestingly enough, Napier said that he feels he is not getting the same lift on his shots because both his big toes are swollen and injured. His right big toe was hurt early in the season while his left big toe swelled up so much after the game in Toronto three weeks ago and he had to miss the game against the Celtics. Napier is a deeper league consideration as a scoring and threes specialist and he should be able to recover from his recent bad shooting stretch.

    Source: NBC Sports Northwest

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