• Markelle Fultz
    PG/G, Philadelphia Sixers

    Sixers are going to be proactive in growing the partnership of their two No. 1 overall picks and Markell Fultz has the green light to shoot more threes.

    “We get the uncertainty of the fit,” Brown said a few weeks ago. “And I feel like over time, we’re all going to learn more. But my expectation and anticipation is I’m coming into this really excited to like watch it and figure out how to use it best. I understand the concern, I get it completely, but I feel that we have solutions.” As a general philosophy, the Sixers want to get the ball moving side to side so Fultz will get his chances to make plays. Still, a major part of playing off the ball is being a threat without it in your hands, and on this front Brett Brown has been clear that he wants Fultz focusing on corner threes to start. The young guard will see his ADP rise if he keeps making his shots but the move to the starting lineup looks permanent and he is definitely worth a look in the later rounds.

    Source: The Athletic