• Pistons head coach Stan Van Gundy indicated that he is considering deploying a different starting lineup for the their upcoming schedule.

    The Pistons have gone a disappointing 3-5 since the return of Reggie Jackson, but SVG isn’t considering any changes at the point guard spot. Instead, his attention is directed towards Marcus Morris and Tobias Harris at the forward positions. “We have to look at everything,” Van Gundy said. “This lineup has not played well. Even in the games we’ve won, that lineup has not played well. So how long are you going to call it an adjustment phase and trot ’em out there or do you make a change?” The most obvious adjustment would be inserting Jon Leuer into the starting five replacing either Harris or Morris. It will be interesting to see what SVG opts to do, but in any case, Leuer’s stock is trending up and Harris and Morris owners may soon have something to worry about.

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