• Terrence Ross
    SG, Orlando Magic

    The Magic are trying to find new ways to get more good looks for Terrence Ross in their effort to develop better offensive efficiency.

    “I’m going to say this, and I said it to the team on Tuesday: He’s the one that I’ve got to help more because opponents are so locked in to him,’’ Steve Clifford said. The Magic are 4-1 when he scores at least 20 points and a respectable 10-9 when the guard makes two or more 3-pointers. Conversely, they are just 9-17 when Ross scores fewer than 20 points and only 3-9 in the games where Ross makes one or zero 3-pointers. The swingman keeps having his ups and downs but his bad percentages make him to tough to hold this season.

    Source: NBA.com

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