• D'Angelo Russell
    G, Brooklyn Nets

    The Nets have yet to discuss a contract extension with D'Angelo Russell and appear content to let him hit restricted free agency next summer.

    It makes sense for Brooklyn, who are valuing flexibility ahead of the summer of 2019 when they could try and pursue max-level free agents. There's also little reason to lock Russell in right now, as the league probably won't be willing to break the bank for a player with his wild swings in quality. Add in the injury concerns after last year, and Brooklyn wouldn't be doing themselves any future favors unless they can lock him into a deal that's a steal — something that Russell absolutely wouldn't sign. It'll also give Brooklyn a full year to evaluate how a (hopefully healthy) Russell fits with his teammates. A rookie scale extension has to come before the season begins but it's highly unlikely to happen.

    Source: New York Post

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