• Talking to Scott Bordow of AZCentral.com, Suns GM Ryan McDonough said that the Suns are hoping to fill only short-term needs on the trade market, and that he’s hesitant to trade one of the team’s three centers so as not to hurt Phoenix’s depth.

    This isn’t great to hear if you’re invested in Alex Len, Greg Monroe or Tyson Chandler, as this ugly rotation could last throughout the season. It’s also somewhat defensible, as the Suns don’t want to tie themselves up with future contract commitments and would be highly unlikely to receive anything of serious value for Greg Monroe and his expiring deal. Easily the most attractive trade target, Monroe just wouldn’t bring in the type of assets that the Suns are looking for. There is a little hope, however, that the Suns clear things up by shutting Chandler down again. McDonough, in speaking on the importance of Chandler and Jared Dudley‘s veteran leadership, said “If and when they get on the court they do a good job. If they’re not playing much or at all they accept that.” There’s some language in there that makes you think he’ll be limited eventually, in which case Len and Monroe become comfortable every-night starts. Additionally, Phoenix would lose what little leverage they have now if they came out and put all three on the market, so keep that in mind when weighing the situation.

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