• Dwight Howard
    C, Charlotte Hornets

    Dwight Howard picked up 14 points, 17 rebounds and a block in Tuesday's season finale against the Pacers.

    Howard split his four freebies and was only 6-of-14 from the field. It's emblematic of his season, as Dwight continued to stick with his tried and tested stat profile of massive rebounding totals, great blocks and a field goal percentage that's slightly lower than you think to go with unavoidably bad marks from the free throw line. Howard's 2.6 turnovers per game also hurt him considerably, as he finished the season as the 100th-ranked player in per-game 8-cat value but fell to 151st in 9-cat. He did play in 80 games, helping balloon his total value to top-65/110 levels. If you were punting free throws, however, he turns into an early-round stud. Expect more of the same next year.

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