• Taj Gibson might be starting tonight against the Celtics after working out with the starters during Wednesday’s shootaround.

    It’s a simple concept, really — defense matters.  Nikola Mirotic doesn’t play much of it and we were very high on him coming into the season (and we still are), but you don’t throw a party in Week 1 of the NBA season when a guy like this has a good week.  We knew there would be ups and downs and eventually Mirotic’s talent and value to offensive leaning Fred Hoiberg would win out.  These are the breaks though and we’ll see how it all pans out.  Our initial top 40-60 (9/8 cat) prediction for Mirotic is still fine buy us.  Just don’t declare victory in Week 1 on much of anything, folks.  Gibson needs a big night to move him into the standard league discussion.

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