• Terrence Ross shot 8-of-15 from the floor and 3-of-9 from three to finish a 109-102 loss with 19 points.

    Ross was thought to have been freed after he was traded to Orlando and handed a starting role, but he’s been as streaky as ever. Ross has only averaged 10.1 points in his 12 March games despite 31.6 minutes per contest. There are few peripherals in sight, as his normally helpful steals production has dipped to just 0.9 per game over that same span. Tonight T-Ross added two boards, an assist and a pair of steals. The inconsistency is maddening but he’s still got tons of upside. Ross is the guy who’ll blow up right after you drop him and vanish right after you pick him up, and since he’s right on the standard league cut line we wouldn’t blame you for moving on from the headaches.

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