• Brett Brown
    Team, Philadelphia Sixers

    The Sixers analytics team crafted a player rotation template before the season for coach Brett Brown.

    The template, using analytics to decide which lineups are best at certain times, called for "mega-staggering" and "rapid-fire substitutions. The staggering makes sure at least one of Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons are on the floor at all times other than garbage time. However, Brown still has freedom to tweak the rotation like he did starting T.J. McConnell over Robert Covington in Game 4's victory. But it hasn't all been good, "Everybody was uncomfortable, really," Brown says. "I understood. I was uncomfortable. It came with pain. It came with questioning." J.J. Redick agreed. "It has definitely been a source of some contention." Ben Simmons also commented after Game 4, "It was definitely hard, I really had to get used to it, and then things change again in the playoffs." The players may dislike it, but fantasy owners can at least know their guys will get consistent playing time game in and game out making them safe players to draft next season if they continue to use the template.

    Source: ESPN.com