• Timofey Mozgov
    C, Brooklyn Nets

    Timofey Mozgov told a Russian media outlet that he doesn't know why he was benched last season and that he wants to continue his career for the Nets or another NBA team.

    We might have a guess or two about the benching. It's a nice thought, but Mozgov simply can't keep up with most modern players and the Nets need to allocate all the playing time they can to Jarrett Allen. Mozzy might be able to improve his standing a bit with a strong showing for Russia in the World Cup Qualifiers but anything more than minimal backup minutes would be a shock. It'd be even more surprising to see another team trade for his contract. It looks like Brooklyn or bust for Mozgov, who might not get the change he desires one way or the other.

    Source: Nets Daily

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