• Tony Allen followed up his strong performance Monday with 12 points, Matt Barnes chipped in with 12 points and Vince Carter added 17 points off the Grizzlies bench.

    These old-timers can still ball. Allen came back to Earth a little after his explosion on Monday but still added five rebounds, two dimes and two steals. The return of Matt Barnes (33 minutes) took shots out of Allen’s hands. Barnes took a team-high 16 shots (making only 4 of them) and added four assists, two threes, two blocks, and a steal. He played much better in fantasy tonight (dreadful shooting aside) than he did in real life as the Grizzlies won’t win many games with Barnes as the leading shooter. At least he’s back and escaped the game unscathed. Vince Carter turned back the clock once again with six rebounds, four treys, three steals, and a block.

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