• Trevor Ariza posted six points on 3-of-11 from the field and 0-of-7 from downtown in Monday’s loss to the Clippers.

    Ariza couldn’t get it going in this one, but it didn’t matter as this was just a tune up game for the Rockets. Ariza’s owners were probably not happy with his performances to finish the year with him shooting 14-of-46 over his last four games. Hopefully it didn’t cost you a championship. For the season he finished as a top-32 asset, down a couple of spots from last year. This is due to their being not as many shots to go around with the improvements the Rockets made with their team over the offseason and at the trade deadline. Ariza’s usage, points and field goal attempts were down, but his rebounding shot up oddly. the 31-year-old should finish similarly next season but may continue to see some minor declines. 

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