• Tristan Thomspon scored six points (4-for-10 FTs) with 15 rebounds, two blocks and one steal in 42 minutes in Monday’s 112-97 win over the Warriors in Game 5.

    The Warriors decided to start hacking Thompson in the 3rd quarter and made their offense grow stagnant. Thompson played a good game and chased down a number of rebounds that helped the Cavs keep their lead—we expect him to continue to do the same in Game 6.

    Kevin Love was nowhere to be seen during the game (basically a role player). Tyronn Lue did mention, however, that Kevin Love will still be in the starting lineup for Game 6. Still, it would be surprising if Love remains on the Cavs roster next season. J.R. Smith did not have a great game either, which is becoming a trend in these Finals. His greatest accomplishment was taking out Andrew Bogut in the 3rd quarter and smacking Anderson Varejao in the face later on. Love and Smith need to have a better game in order for the Cavs to even the series in Game 6 with Draymond Green freed Thursday night.

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