• Russell Westbrook
    G, Oklahoma City Thunder

    Russell Westbrook went off on the Jazz on Friday night with 46 points, 10 rebounds, five assists, two steals and seven 3-pointers but it wasn’t enough as the Thunder’s season came to an end in Game 6.

    A tip of the hat is in order for Muscle Flexbrook. With OKC’s back against the wall in consecutive games, Russ scored 91 total points. Granted, he took 82 shots but those 91 points are still mighty impressive. We’ll now enter months of hot takes on the Thunder not being able to win a title with Westbrook as its best player or his triple-doubles being an empty stat. No matter what your stance on Westbrook may be, he put the team on his back for these final two games and did absolutely everything he could to keep the Thunder alive as long as he could before what’s sure to be another stressful, complicated summer in Oklahoma City.

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