• The Wizards frontcourt tandem of Marcin Gortat and Markieff Morris couldn’t do much on Friday night, joining the rest of the roster in a spit-take worthy 34-point loss to the Nets.

    Gortat played just 19 minutes with seven points and five boards while Morris added nine points, four rebounds and a steal in 27 minutes. Morris has been slow to get back in the swing of things following his injury but he also hasn’t showed many flashes of the top-75 guy he was last year. He’s still a safe bet to produce standard league value on the season but he just doesn’t have it right now — try to hold on and wait this out but you have our blessing if there’s a hot free agent available. The same can be said for Gortat, who is lumbering his way to top-130 production every night. Mike Scott also predictably saw his torrid shooting cool down, as he finished 3-of-8 tonight with eight points, two triples and a steal. Give him a few more games before moving onto more reliable options, but know that his time is coming.

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