• Robert Williams
    PF/C, College

    The Wizards are bringing in Texas A&M’s Robert Williams for a solo workout session on Monday.

    Williams is a very athletic big who could play either the power forward or center position for whichever team picks him. What he lacks in height, only being 6’9″, he makes up for with his 7’5″ wingspan and since he didn’t attend the NBA Combine some sites even list his wingspan as long as 7’6″. He would serve as a very nice replacement for Marcin Gortat as he would provide the Wizards with some athleticism that their frontcourt is sorely lacking. By all accounts he would be a great rim-protector as he excelled at blocking shots in college and could serve a Clint Capela type role for the Wizards. He might not even be there when the Wiz pick at 15, but if he is they’ll definitely take a hard look at him.

    Source: Candace Buckner on Twitter

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