• Andrew Wiggins hit 6-of-16 shots (including a three) for 16 points, two boards and no other stats in the Wolves’ 117-90 home loss to the Pistons on Friday.

    Wiggins isn’t the only offender but putting he and Zach LaVine (14 points, 6-of-12 FGs, three boards, five assists, one steal) together is a recipe for disaster on the offensive end.  While they’re jacking up shots and working isolation plays, Karl-Anthony Towns (14 points, 12 boards, one block) isn’t being properly utilized and it’s highlighting Tom Thibodeau’s lack of offensive command. 

    Folks will try to focus on Ricky Rubio (10 points, three rebounds, six assists) but he’s not the problem here, and Kris Dunn (eight points, five boards, one steal, 20 minutes) is only the answer if they’re tanking and they don’t need anymore young players.  They might be better off making a blockbuster deal to move one of their young studs. 

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