• Zach LaVine
    G, Chicago Bulls

    Zach LaVine kept his 20-point streak alive in Monday's 98-103 loss to the Mavs, going 8-of-23 from the field and 10-of-11 from the charity stripe en route to 26 points, five rebounds, five assists and four steals.

    LaVine is the only played in the league to score 20-plus in all of his team's games this season. It was a bit of a mixed bag as the efficiency stung, as did the fact that he committed seven turnovers and came up empty from behind the arc, but the output in the other counting stats was a pleasant surprise. There will be some ups and downs as LaVine's volume shooting is bound to produce some ugly lines but overall he's looking like a solid player with sky-high scoring upside that should keep it up all year.

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