• Zach Randolph was one of the few Kings to escape Philips Arena with a modicum of fantasy production intact on Wednesday, shooting 7-of-11 from the field to notch 16 points.

    Randolph added four boards and two assists but nothing else. He was one of just four Kings to shoot .500 or better on the night, and the other three guys combined for just 12 shots. Randolph’s deployment has become a sticking point for the Kings, who fritter away one of their few advantages by giving the one-dimensional veteran his share of offensive opportunities and slowing up to accommodate his touches. Something has to give eventually here but the Kings have never been ones to take advantage of obvious tactical adjustments. Z-Bo will be a low-end value, if that, this season. Not to pour things on, but the Kings were outscored in all four quarters in a game where they faced a 29-point halftime deficit. A full half of garbage time couldn’t even produce some respectable fantasy lines. Just awful.

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