• Zion Williamson
    PF, New Orleans Pelicans

    Zion Williamson's former marketing representative, who he has since cut ties with, called upon him to admit his parents had demanded and received gifts from Nike, Adidas and Duke, in hopes of convincing him to sign with the shoe monoliths and the university respectively.

    Williamson sued Gina Ford and Prime Sports in June, in an effort to end his contract with her company. Williamson's attorneys claimed the contract was in violation of North Carolina's Uniform Athlete Agents Act since Prime Sports is not recognized by the NBA Players Association or an acknowledged athlete agent in North Carolina or Flordia. It would not be a shocker to discover Williamson received some under the table incentives from the competing shoe companies or NCAA teams hoping to acquire his services on the basketball court, but this should not change his fantasy circumstances for whenever the NBA suspension is lifted. While Williamson clearly has the ability to stuff the stat sheet, he'll have to improve upon his free-throw shooting (.645), and his meager steal (0.8) and block rates (0.5) to become an early-round asset next season.

    Source: ESPN

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