• Kawhi Leonard
    SF, Toronto Raptors

    Per Marc Stein of the New York Times, the Lakers believe that they are in the lead to sign Kawhi Leonard after pitches from LeBron James and Magic Johnson, but Drake is mounting his recruitment team for the Raptors, and the Clippers have done everything Leonard’s camp has asked of them.

    Read into this as you will, but nothing has changed much in the past week. All meetings and negotiations continue to be tight-lipped between the franchises and Leonard’s camp. Each team likes what they can bring to the table to sway Leonard. The Raptors can offer the most money and are coming off a championship season. The Clippers are in L.A. and can make Leonard, “The man.” And the Lakers have the prestigious history in L.A. while giving Leonard the chance to play with James and Anthony Davis. Leonard’s decision will inevitably change the course of all three franchises and the NBA as we know it.

    Source: Marc Stein on Twitter