• According to a report from EuroHoops.net, the Bulls are prepared to offer Milos Teodosic a multi-year deal that would be enough to draw him away from CSKA Moscow.

    This one is a bit out of nowhere, as Teodosic had previously been linked to the Heat, Jazz, Kings, Nuggets and Nets, but not Chicago. One of the best players not in the NBA, he has an outstanding offer from CSKA Moscow that would make him the highest paid international player. Word is it would take multiple years and at least $12 million per season to get him stateside, though that’s assuming that Teodosic is thinking completely in economic terms. Perhaps he wants to try his hand in the NBA and will do so if they money is even close. Regardless, Chicago is a bit of an odd fit. They have Rajon Rondo and a cadre of young guards on the roster, and committing a big deal to a 30-year-old wouldn’t make much sense for a team that’s on the cusp of rebuilding. They may trade Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade may or may not opt out, so really the entire roster is in flux. We’ll see what shakes out here.

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