• According to the Woj Report, “Boston is really focused on trying to get Gordon Hayward.”

    Why trade assets for Jimmy Butler or Carmelo Anthony when you can simply sign Hayward in his prime? Hayward is 27 years old and will certainly opt out of his contract to obtain a max deal and re-uniting him with his college coach Brad Stevens is a great story. The Celtics can offer 4-years/$130 million. The Jazz can offer him 5-years/$176 million. The extra year may not make a difference because according to Jeff Clark of Bostonblog.com, Hayward may be better off financially by signing a three-year deal and getting a new contract at age 30, when he’d be eligible for a higher max pay bracket. Great for the Celtics, right? Not quite… According to Keith P. Smith of Bostonblog.com, the Celtics signing Hayward to a max deal may not be as easy as it seems. Even if they let all their free agents walk (Kelly Olynyk, Amir Johnson, Jonas Jerebko) and waive a few others (Tyler Zeller, Demetrius Jackson, Jordan Mickey) and trade Terry Rozier, they will still fall $300K short of offering Hayward the max deal.

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