• During a podcast on Tuesday Zach Lowe of ESPN stated that rumors concerning Chris Paul joining the Spurs this off season might have legs.

    How’s that for caveats?  “There’s been a lot of rumblings about Paul, and I think that’s real,” Lowe said of CP3 signing in San Antonio. “I think there’s mutual interest there. I don’t know how real it is given the Clippers can offer a gigantic amount of money and are also a really good team; and the Spurs, like I said, have no sort of cap flexibility to get there. I’m very curious about what they do this summer and who’s on the team next year.”  This story is clearly in the rumor stage at this point, and (as Lowe points out) the Spurs would have to preform a lot of salary cap maneuvering to get anywhere near Paul’s asking price.  Still, if he’s interested in challenging the Warriors for a spot in the Finals Paul could do a lot worse than San Antonio.

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