• LaMarcus Aldridge scored 38 points on 18-of-23 shooting (including a three) with six rebounds and two blocks, and Kawhi Leonard scored 25 points on 10-of-13 shooting (including a three) with five rebounds and five assists in the Spurs’ 124-92 Game 1 win over the Thunder.

    The Spurs made the Thunder look like they were a walk through defense and things got out of hand faster than a newscasters’ alleyway brawl.  Danny Green hit 6-of-7 shots (5-of-6 3PTs) for 18 points, four rebounds, one steal and three blocks, and he has been waiting for a shooting regression all season.  Do not be surprised if he duplicates the numbers from his Finals appearance against the Heat, because that is what he needs to do in order to sniff very long-term career norms.  Pop will spend the next 48 hours telling the Spurs how bad they played because this was as easy as it gets. 

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