• Just like in life there are signs that suggest what you should do with your next move. For example, when a green light turns yellow you know you need to slow down. If you’re with a friend and you see they’re not acting like themselves, your initial reaction is to find out what’s wrong. Well, in the DFS space you also have signs. When building your lineups, the one thing you’re looking for is trends or habits out of players or situations. Yesterday, we discussed who was hot and who was not. Today, we’re discussing the three signs to look for when making your lineups.

    Vegas Lines

    The Vegas lines are the first thing you should be looking at before making your lineups. Why? It’s because the lines for Vegas give you a possible sign of what to expect in the upcoming game. As we look over the lines for Game 6 of the Cavs vs. the Raptors, Cleveland is favored by 6.5 points and the point total is 197.5. Looking at these numbers you see signs of a game that has the potential to produce good fantasy numbers from both teams. Toronto has proven after falling 2-0 early in the series that they are capable of winning in the midst of adversity. Of course, the price of the players always come into effect when assembling your team from one matchup, but in a close out game you may want to spend your money on today’s superstars.

    Hot and Cold

    I won’t get into full detail on this again since we discussed it yesterday, but the value in riding the hot hand is sometimes undervalued. Everyone always seems to buy in too late and when they do decide to hop on the hot streak the player’s price becomes too high. Same can be said about the opposite during a player’s cold spell. You see this happen a lot with mid-level players. For example, DeMarre Carroll has been horrific to own, but somehow he’s still owned by 10-11 percent of the leagues I’ve joined. Just because they are a big name in the NBA world doesn’t mean they’re usable in the DFS space.

    Trusting your gut

    Your knowledge is ultimately what helps you make the right play and just like shooting a jumper in basketball, don’t have any hesitation. You’ve done the research, checked in on all of your updates (from hoop-ball.com) and now you have to have the confidence in your selection. It’s happened to me countless times early on in the DFS season, where I would second guess myself and come up with reasons why player B is a better play than player A who I did my research on.

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