• Happy Friday everyone. We are finally back to a regular one-day league and I can’t explain how happy that makes me. As you may have heard on Thursday’s episode of the ‘Fantasy NBA Today’ podcast, I’m not a fan of two-day leagues. However, we touched on a lot of players that are going to be in Friday’s lineup, so don’t be surprised if you hear or see a lot of the same names. Without further ado, here is your card for Friday, May 6th.

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    Vegas Point Totals

    Cavs and Hawks: 200

    Spurs and Thunder: 200

    According to Vegas, these two games are the exact same. Even the spread for the Spurs and Cavs over their opponents are just two points. With the Vegas’ totals not swaying me in either direction, it seems like a great day to build a lineup with as many star players as possible.

    Point Guard

    Kyrie Irving ($7,900)

    I’ve been as consistent as Irving has been through the playoffs, placing him in my lineup over the last three days. He has not let me down yet and while he may not get the numbers of Russell Westbrook, his price point gives me the luxury to fill my card with a few more fantasy studs.

    Dennis Schroder ($3,900)

    Schroder is an interesting piece to use in your lineups. Like most value plays, Schroder is a high-risk player to own since his playing time is predicated on the play of the Hawks’ starting point guard Jeff Teague. Schroder has seen his fantasy numbers flip flop from good game to bad game. He just had a bad game in his last outing, so it looks like we are betting for the flip.

    Shooting Guard

    J.R. Smith ($5,000)

    Smith’s price has risen $300 since Monday and rightfully so. He may not be jumping off the stat sheet as a ‘fantasy stud,’ but he has played consistently for the Cavs in the postseason. Smith has averaged 24.7 FanDuel points over his last five games. With so much attention from the opposing team’s defense focused on slowing down the Cavs’ Big 3, Smith should continue to see his fair share of good looks on the perimeter.

    Danny Green ($4,100)

    You’re going to see a lot of people with this duo at the shooting guard position. This by far is the thinnest position of the night. I could understand you possibly saving the $100 and placing Kyle Korver in your lineup, but I’m willing to spend the extra $100 to ride the hot streak rather than hoping for a dry spell to end. Green is someone who can contribute in every category on a stat sheet and when you’re spending cheap, that’s the type of player you want on your roster.

    Small Forward

    LeBron James ($10,600)

    I will say this – it does slightly worry me that after a blowout win in Game 2 against the Hawks, the Cavs are only two-point favorites heading into Game 3. However, King James is still King James and there is no one on the Hawks that can be looked at as a ‘LeBron stopper.’ He will continue putting up monster numbers, but that’s a given. The real reason you pay for his high-salary is because of the matchup.

    Kent Bazemore ($5,400)

    I would like to think that Bazemore’s 6.7 FDP stinker in Game 2 was a cause of the game turning into a blowout. He has been a gem through the Hawks’ season and the postseason – not including Game 2. Bazemore has his hands full guarding LeBron on the defensive end, but if I’m the Hawks, I would try a lineup with Thabo Sefolosha and Bazemore on the floor together. That’s living in ‘what if land’ and when looking at fantasy, that’s not what you want to be doing. Nevertheless, Bazemore is going to be a key contributor to the Hawks’ offense and he should have a nice bounce-back game now that his team is playing on their home floor.

    Power Forward

    LaMarcus Aldridge ($8,900)

    Aldridge has been a force that just can’t be stopped, averaging 39.5 points over the first two games against the Thunder. While expecting another 40-point performance from Aldridge is a bit of a stretch. Expecting a high-30 to mid-40 FanDuel point night seems to be reasonable.

    Paul Millsap ($8,600)

    Millsap is arguably the Hawks’ best player. He is going to be tasked with the responsibility of bringing his team back in this series, which Atlanta is currently trailing 2-0. Millsap has the mismatch with Kevin Love guarding him and he’s going to need to attack that mismatch every chance he can get. If I’m choosing between Love and Millsap, it’s without hesitation I spend the extra $1,000 on Millsap. He can get you defensive stats and rebounds to compliment his offensive numbers. He may not have another career-high scoring night, but you should feel confident having Millsap in your lineup knowing that he is going to be the heartbeat of the Hawks’ offense.


    Steven Adams ($4,900)

    Adams has been a consistent contributor for OKC over their last five games, averaging 10.8 points and 10.2 rebounds while totaling 25.2 FanDuel points per game. His $4,900 price tag is what gives me the extra kick because it gives me the cap space to have four fantasy studs in Irving, Leonard, Millsap and Aldridge in my lineup. The upside is limited, but expecting 25 FanDuel points from Adams is fair and it’s nothing to shy away from when building your roster.

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