• Klay Thompson scored 37 points and hit seven 3-pointers and Draymond Green triple-doubled with 23 points, 13 boards, 11 assists, one steal and three treys in the Warriors’ 118-106 win over the Blazers in Game 1 on Sunday.

    The only reason this series is worth paying attention to is the DFS production and the Warriors answered the call there.  With Steph out the key guys look they’ll be able to eat and avoid some of the blowout blues.  Andrew Bogut went for 10 and 12 with two steals and three blocks, Shaun Livingston scored 12 points with four rebounds and six assists, and Harrison Barnes posted 10 points, 12 boards and two steals in the win.  No matter what Steph says we’re not expecting him to see the floor in this series unless the Warriors lose a game. 

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